Garage Space (I don’t want a shed)

I built my wife a garden shed. I built my wife a greenhouse, I re-roof the shed when it leaks. I have no real interest in either structure as they are full of things I never use or fiddle with.

As I have said elsewhere, I used to work. When I worked I had no real time for hobbies and my garage and work bench were used to store “it might be useful” and “it’s no longer useful” sometimes I would take stuff to the dump (now called re-cycling). At irregular intervals I had projects like building bunk beds and completely revising all the plumbing in our house and fitting a new boiler. I also designed our house extension to my wife’s space plans but there is now no need for extra house space as my children have left home.

When I bought my E-Types I used to squeeze one into the garage and store the other with Clive at Premier Vehicle Storage .

In summary really didn’t have a work space of my own.

So, having a few skills in design for construction I designed a new double garage with workshop space and storage loft. The process of gaining planning permission was relatively straightforward as I knew most of the rules. Here is one of my SketchUp drawings used during construction:


new garage
Double Garage and Workshop

This garage was built and became home for one E-Type and the Chevelle, and then shortly after I retired.

My back is not quite what it should be and every time I wanted to get to something under a car I have had qualms about jacking up and wriggling under, constantly getting back out to get the tools you need. I reasoned that as the double garage was never going to be the right profile for a hoist that I should try and modify my existing garage to take a four post lift. A lift would give me two parking spaces AND I wouldn’t have to crawl under a car again! So I set about learning the rules of permitted development and have sold the benefit of re-roofing to my wife as she will get a warm, properly-roofed utility area and rear lobby. Out came the SketchUp and I worked up a whole range of designs that would meet the permitted development envelope and enclose my chosen four-post lift by Strongman Tools. Eventually I had a design that met all requirements and after a prolonged period of review by the local planning department I had their written admission that I did not require planning. Here is one of the final drawings.

Garage to take four-post lift. N.B. the ridge beam is sized to take a hoist and hook load of 1 Tonne.

Due to the massive demand for builders in my neck of the woods I have been waiting for quotes for a really long time. I will post images once the work starts… possibly in the Spring of 2019.