Cars After Work

I do, and have owned, other cars and this page shows some I have had after retiring; so they are my own, not something arranged through my former business. I now only ever buy used cars and let others take the first few years hit on depreciation. Modern cars are already pretty fantastic and if you buy from a good brand you are unlikely to have too many issues.

1969 Chevelle SS

My attempt at owning a large engine muscle car led me to import a 1969 Chevelle SS, its original 396 cu in motor was replaced by a pepped up 454. I will happily defend its looks, amazing! The niggles which eventually got the better of me came from little but important practicalities. The USA’s inability to develop their automotive industry beyond unhitching a horse and slapping ever bigger engines on hay-carts with sofas is stunning. The driving dynamic of this car was largely agricultural; it had crazy acceleration with iffy braking and cornering reminiscent of sailing a square rigger. It really defies logic that the E-types in the 1960s had long since had disc brakes all round with proper suspension and ability to change direction without tacking. All the while our American cousins were happy to risk sea sickness and impromptu visits to the scenery. (How the hell did they get to the moon? I suppose there weren’t many corners). The car looks beautiful and sounds magnificent, but it requires a dedication I cannot muster, so it is off to be some other person’s delight and to give them conniptions trying to park in any, even generously proportioned, garage. It is huge.

2010 Porsche Cayman S

This car, whilst slightly impractical for family and dogs is an absolute masterpiece of engineering; my car had plenty of gizmos including sport plus and launch control.

Cayman S, Marvellous

This car goes around corners on rails so I definitely ran out of nerve long before the car even felt like letting go.

The car was pre-turbo and sounded amazing in the upper rev range. A far better car than I am a driver. I sold this car to buy the Porsche Cayenne S. I am pretty well committed to buying Porsche and will likely buy one of these or a 911 after a year or so as I miss the fun.

2014 Porsche Cayenne S

I wanted a larger car for some European trips including the regular haul down to my billet in the Lot-et-Garonne with various long holiday gubbins, my wife and two large dogs.

Cayenne S, Comfort and Pace

This car has the large V8 Diesel and handles better and faster than a lot of fast saloons. The driving is superbly comfortable and the space inside is impressive. I bought this particular car because it had the panoramic roof and the air suspension. This car delivers a reasonable level of excitement with immense practicality. After this will go and look for a 911. Before that the daft Drive to Iceland. P.S. On the German Autobahns I managed to get this to 154mph (248kph) which is 3mph below top spec, on a number of occasions before having to ‘throw out the anchors’ when other traffic appeared in front.

2011 Porsche Carrera GTS

Having completed the drive to Iceland and managing 154mph on the autobahn in the Cayenne, I wanted to scratch the 911 itch.

The opportunity arose and I plumped for the last hurrah of the 997 model, a wide body, with power pack and lots of goodies. I am going to annoy the French by driving it down through France, I doubt I will ever get near its top speed or its handling limits but the noise is glorious and the acceleration fabulous. I am so lucky to experience this.