Bang Goes My E-Type 27/10/2006

My Series 1 E-Type FHC was well on its way to being finished, I had been visiting the workshop on a regular basis and was thinking that all would be set for a fantastic Christmas present to myself.

It was not to be…

The irresponsible idiots in an adjoining unit set fire to a huge quantity of illegally stored fireworks. The fireworks should have been in containers in a field surrounded by safety berms awaiting use in upcoming bonfire nights, it being late October. No one was killed but the destruction was massive and heart rending for the decent folk running businesses in nearby units. People in the local village were in fear of direct hits causing yet further mayhem.

The force of the initial explosions threw large concrete blocks through workshops destroying much in their path. The ensuing and further continuous explosions raised temperatures to unimaginable levels such that no aluminium or similar alloys survived, they burned. Only steel and cast iron survived and that had been hardened by fire hosing such that car body panels became brittle and worthless. Many irreplaceable tools, crafted over decades for specific jobs were lost and no cars were recoverable. The main road and village pub, a few hundred yards away was pelted with exploding display shells.

My dream car was lost, the remains can be seen with BCSC owner Paul Gilmour in a picture below, as mentioned no carburettors or rocker covers were to be seen, they all burned away to nothing, not even a puddle of melted metal.

Paul was insured and so was my car but the court case to decide responsibility took until June of 2008 with his business gamely limping along in separate accommodation. I didn’t want my money and left all of it with Paul to source and build another 3.8 S1 FHC for me. That car should really have been called Phoenix, but I lacked the wit so it is called Maud, it is my pride and joy. (there will be another Post on that car) Paul and his gang stayed the course and are still in business restoring cars to their former and sometimes improved glory.

via BBC NEWS | England | Bristol | Trio hurt in fireworks plant fire


From Kenn News and Views November 2006