Trolley Build

Most people seem to think a trolley for keeping the body up off the floor is a good idea. So here is mine.I wanted to minimise waste so it was designed to come from one 18mm 8′ x 4′ sheet and five 2400 lengths of Canadian Lumber Standard 4″ (CLS4 finished 89mm x 38mm). Everything, as usual for me, was drawn in 3D on Sketchup so the dimensions are ludicrously precise… not only precise but accurate as well. If you are having wood cut at the timber yard, at no real cost I’ve found, it is just as easy to be 1144mm as it is 1145mm. With the wood cut as I wanted it all the bits just fitted together.

The construction does rely on all the joints being glued (waterproof PVA wood glue from Screwfix) and screwed for a bit of strength but mainly to provide clamping as the glue dries. I have found that the joints formed like this are really strong, all pieces are glued on several faces.

Materials to Buy
H W L No
Ply Sheet 8′ x 4′ 18mm 18 1220 2440 1
CLS 4″ 89 38 2400 5
Cutting List
H W L No
Ply Sheet 18 1220 1550 1
Ply Sheet 18 1144 200 2
CLS 4″ 89 38 1550 2
CLS 4″ 89 38 1144 2
CLS 4″ 89 38 482 4
CLS 4″ 89 38 368 4           45deg Mitre
CLS 4″ 89 38 200 4
CLS 4″ 89 38 1474 1
The Series 3 ready to move, pile of timber cut in bottom right.
No wheels yet and needs its rubber floor surface, not bad for an afternoon’s work with a painful thumb!

Just one minor modification, you can see the additional pieces of wood at the base of the legs. These are to provide a base for the heavy duty castors (fixed with M8 coach screws). The castors just overlapped the original leg base. I had to go for these castors because I had to reconsider some I had in my garage  as research showed they had no real load capacity. The legs will take a slightly eccentric load due to the off-centre of leg mounting but that will only create a very small bending load and the legs are well braced. I have climbed aboard and danced my 110kg around, creating point loads and nothing creaked (except me of course).

Here’s the finished trolley. The braked castors are rated at 150kg each… surely the body cannot be 600kg! (more like 150kg bare of parts). The top covering is a cheap foam rubber interlocking play-mat set from Halfords contact glued in place. The final effect is a of garish Mondrian jigsaw puzzle but it will do the job.

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